Lost Highway Hunting Club

Alabama has some of the best hunting in the nation and a very long deer season, 108 days annually. With that said, hunting land can differ greatly depending on the type of terrain and species of trees.  Many clubs only contain pine plantations, with no open areas nor hardwoods.  The Lost Highway tract consists of 713 acres with unique characteristics which will satisfy any hunter.  It has open areas, bountiful hardwoods and two creeks – Harrington Branch and the West Sepulga.  There are areas where trees have never been cut, hence the name “Lost Highway.”  There is a good stand of White Oaks, a foraging deer’s delicacy, throughout areas of the tract.  In addition, there are thousands of acres of hunting and farming land surrounding the property making its deer population one of the best in central Alabama.

We have had many guests amazed by the beautiful scenery and variety of wild game they see during trips to Lost Highway.  There are four White Oaks on the property which pre-date the Civil War.  Many guests come away overwhelmed by their size and beauty. Reserve your hunt today to take a stroll down Lost Highway.

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